Let's talk about Ms. Toni Braxton. Now  I know you remember  that so called brother and sister kiss Ms. Toni Braxton shared with  Trey Songz at the soul train awards and then three days latter announced she was getting a divorce and of course her filing bankruptcy again in 2010.

But now the Grammy–winning singer of "Un–Break My Heart" and "You're Makin' Me High," will appear in her own reality show "Braxton Family Values"  including her sisters Traci, Tamar, Towanda and Trina,.  The new show will premier on the WE network April 12th at 9p.  But get this, not only will she have her own reality show but is considering posing for Playboy magazine.  At 43 Toni stated she has no problem getting nude because she feels good about herself.  And of course she stated that her bankruptcy is not the reason she is getting naked. Really?!?!?!

Now I love Toni Braxton, I think she is a beautiful women with a  great voice, but tell me  is she that important or relevant that people will really watch her show? Is she really considering doing playboy just to do it or is the money really a factor.   Is this some Hot Gossip or Just a Hot Mess?!?!?! Let me know your opinion and comment.

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