Something is…different… about one of the Tim Horton’s in Western New York, and it may startle you the next time you are on your coffee run. 

This particular location for Tim Horton’s has a regular visitor that is guilt-tripping people that are waiting in the drive-thru and/or eating inside the building. 

You may have thought I was referring to a person, but no; this “recurring visitor” is an animal. 

And not just any animal….one that loves Tim Horton’s so much, but unfortunately cannot make its own order inside. 

I’m talking about a deer. 

Photo Credit: Heidi Mackey
Photo Credit: Heidi Mackey

Heidi Mackey was the first person to bring attention to the deer sighting at the Tim Horton’s in Depew, located between French and Walden on Transit, and she shared that there was one main reason behind his cute, yet uncomfortable at times, presence. 

This deer was at the Tim Hortons in Depew this morning waiting for a Timbit in the drive thru like extremely close to my car staring at the window,” Mackey said. 

When Mackey asked the lady about the deer in the drive-thru, she said “he was there an hour yesterday just waiting for [a Timbit].”

According to Mackey, someone at the Tim Horton’s gave the deer Timbits yesterday, and he left. However, about an hour later, the deer returned and continued on with his uncomfortable staring. 

“I guess he came back for more,” Mackey said. 

Keep your timbits close when you stop by this Tim Horton’s in Depew, but maybe save one for our “deer” friend. (See what I did there?)

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