Here in Western New York, Tim Hortons is hugely popular. Actually, that might be an understatement. Tim Hortons are a way of life for many people in Buffalo.

You see lines wrapped around the building on your way to work in the morning. Inside isn't any less crowded, as the lines can reach the door. From coffee, to lattes, and to Timbits, Tim Hortons are a part of the Western New York community.

However, just like any food service, there are things that customers do that make other customers very uncomfortable.

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The other day, my coworker and I were at a Tim Hortons in the City of Buffalo. It was just after 10 am on a Monday morning.

As we were waiting for our bagels and coffee, a customer came into the store and dropped his breakfast sandwich on the counter and asked for a new one -- due to the fact it wasn't "fresh." It was already a very busy morning and the employees were very courteous and apologetic, but this customer was extremely upset.

After a new one was handed to him, he opened it up immediately and them proceeded to say the bacon wasn't cooked enough an wanted another new one...

That wasn't all.

Soon after another customer received a coffee and handed it back, saying it wasn't "hot enough." After getting a new coffee, she again (unbelievably) asked for another new one because that coffee was also not hot enough.

After the fourth cup of coffee, she finally didn't send it back.

My coworker and I, along with the few other people who were in line and waiting, were very uncomfortable. I worked at Wendy's for a while and this rivaled any uncomfortable experience I have ever seen in person at a fast food restaurant.

It's okay to ask for new food if something is accidentally made wrong, but making a scene of it is not what I would recommend. These workers are doing the best they can and mistakes happen. There's no reason to be rude in most of these situations.

Has anyone else experienced an uncomfortable situation like this before?

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