The Bills have definitely waited until the last min to make multiple calls over the off season, A Lot of new talent coming in.

Going to training camp at St. John Fisher College, they have signed first-round pick and quarterback Josh Allen to his four-year rookie contract. which a lot of us seen this coming after Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns signed late Tuesday night.

My thought maybe the bills locked him in just one day before the first practice of training camp, so the Bills will not have to worry about Allen missing any on-the-field time for that reason.

The Bills have said that Allen will start camp as the third string quarterback, while Nathan Peterman and A.J. McCarron will split the first-team.
Allen will get mixed in with some first-team opportunities as time goes on at camp.

First Practice is tomorrow @ 5:30pm.

What are your thoughts on the Buffalo Bills This year

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