Fellas! You can start shooting your shot again, as raptress Nicki Minaj is back on the Market! Speculation began to fly about Nicki and rapper Nas being an item when she was by his side for his 44th birthday celebration earlier last year. She later confirmed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she and Nas had "sleepovers", confirming the rumors that she and Nas were infact an item. Neither never really confirmed however the scope or depth of their relationship but whatever it was, has come to an end this week. It's being said that this wasn't a dramatic parting of ways but that the two mutually decided to call it quits because the relationship simply lost it's steam with Nicki residing in Miami and Nas residing all the way in LA. Welp, it seems to me that rappers may not be your thing Ms. Minaj but I can't help to wonder who she'll be hooking up with next hmmm...click here to read more about this story.

This week it was announced that Cardi B has tied the legendary Beetles and Ashanti as the only musical acts to place their first three Hot 100 hits in the top 10 simultaneously!  "No Limit,"  "MotorSport" and Cardi's signature single, "Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)," are the tracks that are responsible for putting this accomplishment on her resume. Many thought she was going to be a one-hit wonder but she's proving her naysayers wrong and is taking the music industry by storm! This week she and singer Bruno Mars dropped 'Finesse' which was some 90's style feel good music that nobody seen coming! The track has received awesome reception from their fans so I'm sure we'll be reporting that Bardi is making history once again real soon. Click here to read more ab


After having what could have been one of her worst years ever with all the drama between she and her ex-husband, singer Mary J. Blige finally received some great news! On January 11th, she will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! This is BIG! With a music career spanning over 20 years, this is well deserved and over due. Congrats to Mary! Hopefully this is a sign that this year will better than the last for the Queen of Hip Hop Soul. Click here to read more about this story.