If you were one of the many people cringing at the thought of Shawty Lo getting a reality show with him and his 10 baby mommas well cringe no more! Finally a network gets it and stops the train before it wrecks! The show all my baby’s mommas has been cancelled after the networks viewers were outraged and petitions were signed to boycott the show! Welp Shawty Lo, looks like the reality TV route will not be helping out with those support payments after all.

Yes that sound means there is a couple alert! Rapper future turned on the lights and guess who he found? R&B/Pop singer Ciara! The two have been spotted out and about and Ci Ci was recently photo’d wearing Future’s custom made flight jacket while on her European tour! But don’t be too worried ladies, we all know this isn’t the first rapper she’s dated. Most notably 50 cent and Lil Bow Wow so only time will tell if this is true loveeeee or not!

Speaking of couples, basketball wives Evelyn Lozada and NFL baller chad Johnson may be on the road to reconciliation! The two have been spotted out having dinner and Evelyn stated in a recent interview that chad is fighting hard for his marriage!