After being speculated to have been the reason why Sheree was given a pink slip and booted of the cast for the upcoming Real Housewives of Atlanta season, NeNe Leakes may be getting a pink slip all her own! Not only has she come to blows with her cast mate Kandi Burruss, but it’s also reported that she punched one of the show’s producers in the face while away on the Housewives’ annual trip! The crew is awaiting their return from the disastrous trip to decide Nene’s fate! One word, KARMA.

Seriously contemplating a segment called “Celeb Twitt-Beefs” lol! It seems like every single week another celeb is tweeting or sub-tweeting a beef with someone. This week it’s another messy beef between two exes behind the care of their child. Singer and actress Christina Milian addressed her concerns about ex-husband The Dream’s lack of presence in their daughter’s life on a Houston radio station. The Dream responded in a series of tweets calling her interview a reality stunt and in so many words, he also called her a Gold Digger. Christina maintains that it’s not about the money, rather their daughter having a father in her life. What do you think?

It’s rumored that Meek Mill and Rihanna has been getting close after he flew to stay and party with her in Barbados. I guess he learned NOTHING from the huge fallout between Drake and Chris Brown. But PAUSE…she has also been reported to have booked a week long Mediterranean cruise with Drake. Rihanna, please SYAD. Lol!

In baby news, it’s suspected that Amber Rose is carrying a little Wiz as she appears to be trying to hide her baby bump underneath a loose fitting dress at a recent Smirnoff promotional event. I guess we will await the confirmation!

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