After several months of complaints from speeding tickets received from Buffalo residents and all the attention and effort from local leaders to get the speed zone cameras removed. Now there is another issue that is getting under the skin of Buffalo residents. According to, a number of block club members on the east side of Buffalo are really upset about the questionnaire they are receiving in the mail. The survey is asking people do they want speed bumps in the neighborhood, and there are people that really feel like this is a waste of time.

We all said we wanted speed humps, nobody said we wanted to see how it was gonna work, nobody said we don't want them, we want them and we want them now, let's get on with it and stop all this crap.

Said, Ira Roberts

The city's Department of Public Works sent out the questionnaire to see if, everyone that is going to be affected by the speed humps will agree with the placement of them in the neighborhoods. When the Departments of Public Works get a positive response back from all of the mailers they will begin the work in the fall.

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There are still many changes that need to be made before the start of the school year, 15 miles per hour signs are being changed to 20 miles per hour, and crosswalks, where there is high traffic, are getting makeovers. I think that the speed humps are a great replacement for the speed zone cameras.

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