This news cycle has been on a two-year loop, and by now we're all probably pretty damn sick of it. It's hard to remember what was even on the news in the time before COVID.  Oh wait, it's starting to come back to us...yeah, we're not going to go there.

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Back to COVID, what started out as a story that was causing issues in a few cities here and there, then went and turned into a worldwide pandemic, and that's all we saw on the news 24/7.  From vaccines to boosters, to masks, our eyes and ears were berated with COVID coverage.  It kind of made you long for a simpler pre-pandemic time.

So instead of looking at the news just before COVID, we decided to fire up the way back machine.  I'm not quite sure of the year of this clip, but it must predate my time in the City of Good Neighbors by a few decades.

And just what was on the minds of Buffalonians in such a simpler time you ask?  Go-Go Dancers, dancing topless, at a restaurant on Delaware Avenue downtown.

Long before my time in the City of Good Neighbors, there was a restaurant called "The Cobbler Shop".  And just what made the Cobbler Shop unique?  It wasn't their wings.  It wasn't their Beef on Weck.  It was the fact that they had topless go-go dancers performing on a nightly basis.

Everything about this clip is amazing!  The anchor with his vintage plaid jacket.  The look on the dancer's face, and the crowd's reaction.  And the stereotypical club owner, whose attorney is out of town.  If this is what made the news back in the day, I want to find a time machine and check this place out!

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