The most talked-about topic nowadays is, should I send my kid back to school, as scary as this though could be, I have come up with some things you should consider to help ease the anxiety.

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Although the COVID-19 virus seems to be slowing in New York State, there are still many things that concern parents about re-opening plans, as they make preparations for their kids to go back to school.

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One of the things you should consider is, how old are your children? according to Emerging science is indicating that children under 10-years of age are less likely to get infected and less likely to transmit the COVID-19 virus.

Here's what happened to me, and you should ask yourself if your child gets infected, could you, safely quarantine your child for 2 weeks? Many parents and students rely on school for more than education, we thought about that question, and for my family, it wouldn't work.

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I'm a parent with 3 kids going back to school and I feel your pain, as it relates to sending your child back to school. Another thing I think you should consider is if your kids will be taking public transportation, how will the school bus be properly spaced for the students and sanitized.