Based on the news headlines, you might think that murder is the biggest crime in Buffalo, but that's not the case. Actually, homicide did not make the top 5 crimes list. Larceny is the number one crime committed most in the 716. Wikipedia describes larceny as,

a crime involving the unlawful taking or theft of the personal property of another person or business.

The data was pulled from the Buffalo Police Department's statistics, which I sorted and analyzed. There was a total of 3,471 larcenies committed so far in 2021 (the statistics run from January 2021 to August 2021 for now). The second most committed crime in Buffalo this year, so far, was assault, with a total of 1,065. While murders didn't make the top 5, the statistics are still quite high. There have been 54 homicides in Buffalo from January to August of 2021. In 2020 there were 65 homicides. With three more months left in the year, 2021 could potentially be more deadly than 2020. There were 13 rapes in Buffalo from January to August, making it the lowest committed crime on the list, according to the stats provided by the police department. The other crimes that made the top 5 are listed below with the stats for each month.

5. Robberies committed (by month) in 2021, so far
46 August
58 July
52 June
55 May
32 April
30 March
35 February
52 January
Total: 360

4. Burglaries committed (by month) in 2021, so far
112 August
112 July
97 June
114 May
95 April
94 March
95 February
80 January
Total: 799

3. Motor Vehicle Thefts committed (by month) in 2021, so far
84 August
84 July
59 June
74 May
125 April
117 March
161 February
197 January
Total: 901

2. Assaults committed (by month) in 2021, so far
158 August
168 July
144 June
154 May
127 April
107 March
108 February
99 January
Total: 1065

1. Larcenies committed (by month) in 2021, so far
492 August
533 July
450 June
484 May
388 April
459 March
303 February
362 January
Total: 3471

Community Fed-Up With Violence to March Against Illegal Guns in Buffalo

Most Valuable Parents of Buffalo is hosting a Solidarity Walk to honor the late Neal Dobbins, who founded the organization. The rally will also raise awareness about two legislative amendments that make it harder to get illegal guns off the streets of Buffalo. The march and rally will take place on Saturday, September 25. People who want to join the rally should meet at E. Ferry and Fillmore no later than 2 pm. The community will then march to the MLK, Jr. bust by 2:55 pm.

The march will be followed by the rally, featuring brief remarks from community members and elected officials. The event will end with a prayer around 3:30 pm. The goal is to bring together concerned community members to find ways to end the gun violence that has been plaguing our city.

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