Buffalo is the Home of the Buffalo Wing but there are many other variations of "Wings".  Aside from the actual cooking of wings, some important, but seldom discussed instruction are a necessity.  The following is a list of TEN MUST DO'S WHEN MAKING WINGS:  (followed by some fabulous Wing Recipes and some of yours)


  1. Wash Preparation Area To Avoid Bacteria
  2. Wings Must Be Thawed
  3. You Must Rinse Your Wings
  4. Shake Thawed Wings In A Bag Of Flour
  5. Use Fresh Cooking Oil
  6. Season Your Wings Before Cooking
  7. Most People Don't Have A Deep Fryer, So You Can Use A Deep Frying Pan
  8. Constantly Monitor The Cooking Of Your Wings...Do Not Walk Away So As To Avoid A Grease Fire
  9. Do Not Cover Wings So They Be Crispier Than They Would If They Were Covered While Cooking
  10. Last, But Definitely Not Least (Actually Most Important) ... Use Only The Best Sauce For Chicken Wings (in my opinion) :) ... Country Sweet Hot Cooking Sauce!

Here are some somewhat authentic Chicken Wing Recipes:  (give me one of your own below in the comments section)



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