We are definitely living in very troubling and challenging times right now. From the ongoing violent occupations of this country in the so-called middle east, higher than ever incarceration rates in this country (the highest in the world), poverty, AIDS, the ongoing debate about same sex marriage; things are spiraling out of control!

Today I wanted to write about a story that I read in the Buffalo Challenger last Thursday, you know that community newspaper that speaks to the things that touch the African-American community in the inner city. The story is about local Activist Darnell Jackson who has been fighting the good fight for over 20 years and is now ready to give that fight up! Darnell spoke against the violence and the impoverished conditions of Buffalo’s African-American community. He spoke against the killings, drug dealings, and deceitful politicians, and promises never fulfilled by those in authority.

Darnell’s decision to take the silent approach (because he is tired of putting up the good fight) reminds me of the many people in the community who do just that when it comes to witnessing crime and violent activity—they turn to silence! Are they tired too?  

Although I understand why Darnell is turning to silence, because I have often wanted to throw in the towel myself and just give up on the good fight, I remind myself that if every person that is putting in the good fight gives it up, then who will be the voice for our children and the next generation!?!

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