Being in the entertainment industry, I know firsthand that the independent artist struggle is real! So I’m always honored and inspired to be able to highlight up and coming artists that continue to break the mold and get heard by any means necessary. Of course the next artist up on the ReddRoxx Rundown is no exception to the rule. He goes by the name Rese Young and is creating a buzz for himself throughout Western New York. With his work ethic and talent, I’m sure he’ll be heard everywhere in no time. I sat down with Rese Young to find out where he came from, where he’s headed and what’s in store for his musical career.

ReddRoxx: Thanks for sitting down with me! Start out by introducing yourself, both as an individual and as an artist.

Rese Young: Well as an individual, I'm more of a cool, laid back type of guy and as an artist I’m a bit raw! Meaning I won’t say certain things if I was just being me – but as an artist I just let everything go. I tell it how it is, I let everything go.

RR: As you should! Music is meant to be expressive. Tell me how you started in music and first realized that you had talent

RY: I started rapping off instrumentals to my best friend Juice phone. We was about 14 or 15 years old and every day after school we would go on YouTube and find a beat and record a freestyle on his flip phone lol. But I never knew I had talent until I learn how to put the problems I was going through on paper.

RR: Did you say flip phone? Lol now you’re dating yourself! But that’s what’s up, shows that you’ve put some time in. Having started out so young in music, who were some of your biggest musical influences growing up and to date?

RY: Growing up, Lil Bow Wow was [my biggest musical influence]. Yeah I said Lil Bow Wow lol. That was for many different reasons, but anyone who tells a story is influential to me musically. So you can say any artist that tells a real conspicuous story influences me.

RR: I don’t think I’ve ever had an artist name Bow Wow! That’s not a bad thing because it’s usually the same few artists named. What this says to me is that you’re definitely in your own lane. Being an independent artist in their own lane, what are some of the obstacles that you’ve had to overcome?

RY: Writing songs was definitely an obstacle I had to overcome. I used to doubt myself so much that I would stress out and become sick with music – I stuck with it and now I'm becoming a better writer.

RR: That’s deep! Shows that you have a passion for what you do if it made you sick Lol.
Many artists that artists that I interview name local support as one of their biggest obstacles, with that being said, what are your thoughts on the local music scene?


RY: Honestly, I think it sounds too much of the same. We need to expand our horizon when it comes to music in this city. I'm going stop right there because I can go all day with this topic lol.

RR: I feel you! Now, if you could collaborate with one local artist and one major artist, who would it be and why?

RY: Well, I’ve already collaborated with the artists I thought was special in this city no offense to no one else. As far as collaborating with a major artist, I’ll have to say Ace Hood. I love his flow and his music. He’s a real dude for sure.

RR: Ace Hood hasn’t really been on the scene lately but I think that collab would be dope! Back to your music, are you currently working on any projects?

RY: Yeah right now I’m working on an eight track EP titled "Notice Me". I'm aiming for a summer release, if not, then early fall.

RR: Make sure you keep me in the loop on the release! Until then, do you currently have music available for purchase or download? If so, where?

RY: Yeah I recently released my NEW single "Ruled the World" Feat Gogev. You can download it on Soundcloud.

RR: In the meantime while you’re working hard in the studio on your EP, do you have any upcoming performances in the works?

RY: I just recently performed at a fashion show. My next gig won’t be until August 16th at Broadway Joes. Doors open up at 7pm. For more info about my shows you can visit

RR: I’ll have to come check you out! For those what are intrigued as I am about your music and you as an artist, let us know a little known fact about Rese Young?

RY: I'm constantly listening or making music every day of the week.

RR: Dope! I’m sure you will have gained some fans after this interview so tell the people how they can contact you…

RY: Instagram, Twitter or you can email me at

RR: Thanks again for sitting down with me! Before you head out, leave us with one of your favorite quotes

RY: Some people are successful, some people are not. But those who are successful are the ones that didn't give up when times got hard.

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