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What started out as a hobby, is now a career for Buffalo, NY rapper Eskay Home. Today, he has collaborated with some of the most sought after up and coming artists, just released a new album and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. I caught up with Eskay Home to learn more about him as an artist, discuss his latest project and more!

REDDROXX: Thank you very much for taking the time out for the #ReddRoxxRundown! Introduce yourself to the readers, who are you and where are you from?

ESKAY HOME: Well I’m Eskay Home, aside from being a talented artist I’m also a family man, a father a sneaker addict a sports enthusiast and also business owner I’m from Buffalo I grew up on the East Side off Delavan Avenue between Chelsea and Cambridge.

RR: That's what's up, I'm also from the Delavan area. How long have you been rapping for?

EH: It was always something me and my friends did as a hobby you know just messing around being from Buffalo we never thought of the possibility of it being a career but when I realized that it was obtainable I started taking it serious in like 2014/2015

RR: So about 8 years? Dope! Please explain how your name came about.

EH: When I was younger me and my friends were just all on the stoop you know just kicking it or whatever and we all just cracking jokes on each other’s government names and being that my last name is commonly mispronounced and the part they stumble on is the letter S and K in my name my friends started calling me SK and due to me traveling a lot when I was younger whenever I came back to Buffalo my friend CLOZE would call up whoever and be like “SK Home!” So that’s where I got that from.

RR: That's really interesting lol it's always cool to hear how artists came up with their names. So what are you currently pushing?

EH: Currently my album Pardon My Heart was released on all DSPs’, it’s a very personal project. I talk about real life situations and stories that shaped me and my life the events that occurred both positive and negative. It’s about Buffalo and how the communities were affected by drugs, poverty, and violence and also it’s about the people who mean the most to me my family.

RR: Amazing! Congratulations on the album. Are there any visuals for the project so far and will there be more?

EH: There’s currently a visual for “Henny” out right now and Henny is about a few of the deaths that hit home just growing up in Buffalo. My brother D.T. Cross directed and Shakief Rivers of Gen X Ent. Shot it, there will be more created soon maybe two maybe three we’ll see how things go.

RR: Will definitely check it out. Every artist have their own favorites off of their projects so what's your favorite song/s on Pardon My Heart?

EH: This may sound a little cliche but I love the entire album, there’s something for everyone on this joint. It’s a perfect description of all the human emotions that flow through us on a day to day basis even if you’re not from where I’m from you may not be able to relate but you can certainly understand or at least try to. I know the fans love “My Bigger Heart”, “I Forgive You” “84 Steps” and “Opening Credits”. I mean honestly I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback for the entire album, they all keep saying “classic”, I know that word gets thrown around a lot these days lol but I believe them.

RR: The word "classic" is definitely a major one! Congrats again. One of my favorite singles that you released recently is "You Know The Vibes" which ironically is an actual vibe lol how did the collaboration come about with 7xvethegenius?

EH: First off thank you I’m glad you vibing to it lol and I met 7XVETheGenius probably like early 2017, I want to say her manager D Jack who also manages my sister Keisha Plüm invited us to a show she had out here in Atlanta and I was really impressed and if you know me I’m never impressed but she was crushing it not just the performance but the music. So fast forward to I want to say 2019 me and my sister was in my brother Casso’s Standout Musik Production Studios working on two separate projects, Casso produced YKTV and I did the verses quick oh also I was sick too but I did the verses and while I was finishing the last verse D Jack and 7XVETheGenius walked in the studio. I didn’t approach her then because I didn’t even know what direction I was going to take for the hook and plus I wasn’t feeling well enough to think straight but maybe a week or two later I called her and asked her if she wanted to jump on it doing the hook she agreed. That’s the quickest feature I’ve gotten back lol and I loved it soon as I heard it so that’s how that came about.

RR: So it seems the stars aligned in your favor because the track is definitely fire. S/O to Casso too! Who else are you looking to collaborate with?

EH: I’d love to collaborate with anyone who’s serious about their craft and understands that’s this is also a business especially if they’re from The Town, no matter what genre of music I’m open to collaborating and working and putting out timeless music for the fans.

RR: That's the part that a lot of people miss! Music is a business at the end of the day so respect. What are some of your short and long term goals with your music career?

EH: Short term putting myself and my family in a position to create wealth, long term leaving a impactful mark on Hip-Hop with an impressive catalog.

RR: Dope. Let us know how/where can we support you.

EH: Follow me on Twitter and IG same @mreskayhome, turn notifications on and check out the music on whatever platform you frequent, also https://www.eskayhome.com/music merch will be available soon.

Henny Visual: https://youtu.be/SNgByoML2Bw

Pardon My Heart (Tidal Link) :https://tidal.com/album/193597398

Thanks again to Eskay Home for being on the #ReddRoxxRundown, be sure to follow him and support his music!

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