Black history month is nearing and there are many accomplishments to be celebrated. Now, another page can be added to the history books. According to NBC, the Boston Red Sox hired Bianca Smith and she will be the first black woman to coach professional baseball.

Bianca Smith was an accomplished batting coach in college before getting noticed by the Red Sox, in a recent interview with the MLB network, Bianca Smith talked about how her focus was learning how bodies work in order to cater training drills to each individual player.

I think it's a great opportunity also to just kind of inspire other women that are interested in this game. This is not something that I thought about when I was younger. I just kind of feel into it being an athlete. I'm so excited to get that chance to show what I can do.

said, Bianca Smith according to NBC

Bianca has had some pro experience, she interned with the Texas Rangers and also worked as a baseball operations trainee with the Cincinnati Reds. It will be a few weeks before she takes the dugout with her new team. I'm really excited to see what she brings to the game and, hopefully, like she said, maybe there will be other women looking to get involved with the sport after seeing Bianca in her new position.

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