Last night over dinner my son said "Dad when I grow up I want to be a Party Promoter", after nearly choking on my food I tried to process the statement and figure out how best to address this revelation. I wanted to ensure I handled this in a way that was positive, full of love yet real all at the same time. So I responded with "well son let's take a look at what it takes to get there".
To become a Party Promoter you need to have a unique personality, someone who can articulate themselves in a manner that enables them to negotiate business decisions on many levels. Then encompass the abilities to plan, produce and execute strategies that equate to success.
A Party Promoter needs a network consisting of friends, people who know people that love the social scene, people with connections to movers and shakers and people who will help promote your event even when you don't ask them too. A Party Promoter needs to understand the tricks and trades of the business.  Understanding you'll need great advertising tools (fliers that catch the attention of patrons), things that will assist with the delivery and details to create buzz's for your next great event.  In today's world, computers make advertising much easier.  The computer enables you to use digital advertising which is the most popular form of distribution because the internet, email accounts, smart phones and social networks reach millions versus hundreds without you having to leave your home. Eliminating the need to run the streets all day and night trying to get the word out, not to mention the cost of printing and shipping is minimal.
Some Party Promoter use themes to draw crowds. I've often wondered if using a song, tv show or a movie plot actually draws more of a crowd or is it a ploy to cover up a lack of creativity.
Promoters need prime locations to be successful. Locations are important because the promoter needs several different places to have events conducive to the taste and comfort level of the people you're inviting out. Most promoters don't own the locations they have events at, however, if the did they would be Property Owners instead of Party Promoters...LOL. Some promoters rent space, hire and organize help, then collect all the money paid at the door which is then used to pay security, DJs, MC's and any other additional help. Some promoters strike deals with club owners who have licenses to sell liquor so the promoter gets a deal on the location and the owner collects the bar profits (and the responsible of who pays security is negotiable). Interestingly enough, some owners act as if they own the location when in all actuality they lease the space and may or may not own the name of the location (Club)...LOL.
Some Party Promoters have become very successful creating a loyal fan base who attends every event.
Unfortunately the inexperienced of a promoter can have devastating consequence, bad location, bad timing, lack of advertising, not enough security, late D-j setup and sometimes the wrong crowd. All of which can create wasted time, money and efforts.
If this is what my Son wants to do later in life why wouldn't I support her dreams? I remember what is was like when my parent(s) didn't really support my dreams, she just said she did. Well I pledge not to make that mistake with my son, so when he says "Dad I want to try this or that", I'll be there to support him by empowering him with as much information as possible to assist him with his successful endeavors.

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