If you have kids and are unsure what sport you should get them into, there is one simple reason why you should pick soccer.

According to Forbes, the Top 3 highest paid athletes in the world are all soccer players. Each estimated to make over 100 million dollars a year!

Here are the Top 10 highest paid athletes:

1.  Lionel Messi, $127 million, Soccer

2.  Cristiano Ronaldo, $109 million, Soccer

3.  Neymar, $105 million, Soccer

4.  Canelo Alvarez, $94 million, Boxing

5.  Roger Federer, $93.4 million, Tennis

6.  Russell Wilson, $89.5 million, Football

7.  Aaron Rodgers, $89.3 million, Football

8.  LeBron James, $89 million, Basketball

9.  Stephen Curry, $79.8 million, Basketball

10.  Kevin Durant, $65.4 million, Basketball

If you are not sure where to start your kid's soccer career, there are several local clubs in Western New York.

You can also check out lots of local town house teams HERE.