Everyone knows someone that could fall on the wrong side of the law, to be frank, anybody could fall on the wrong side of the law at any time. The sad thing is, there are scammers out there and that's what they are preying on. The more vulnerable people, the elderly or even people that they know can be an easy target.

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The Erie County Sheriff's Office has issued a warning to residents because of the number of complaints received about scammers. The scam callers are asking you for bail money. Here's how it works, an individual will call you and Identify themselves as an attorney and request cash to secure the release of a family member. This might sound a little far-fetched for some people to fall for but just think for a minute, if someone gets to your elderly relative and says you are in trouble, I think they might go for it.

The "attorney" will instruct you to withdraw a large sum of money and tell you that there will be a driver to come and get the money for the family member's bail. There are some things you can do or tell your family member to do to protect them from getting scammed out of their money.

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The first thing you should do is contact the family directly to check to see if they're ok. The person should also ask the "attorney" which law enforcement agency arrested the family member, then check with that agency to confirm the arrest and if they are being held on bail. The scammers come up with many tricks to get you to believe what they're telling you is the truth, the best thing to do is hang up the phone.

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