“Beauty supply stores are a billion-dollar industry. We are the number one consumer. As African American women we only own seven percent of that industry,” -Lauren Jackson WIVB

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The Eastside of Buffalo has a new hair store to talk about and this is special for it is the first of its kind!

Three sisters Brianna Lannie, Danielle Jackson, and Lauren Jackson are opening The Hair Hive, the first beauty supply store in Buffalo owned and operated by black women.

According to WIVB the women came about this idea from being frustrated with hair stores not having what they need or being pointed in the wrong direction ( Definitely can relate )

On Top of this being the first in the community, the 3 sisters plan to highlight products from local entrepreneurs too as well to let people know that

"to support us is supporting yourselves and your surrounding area and we want them to shop with us,”

The Hair Hive has a grand opening set at March 7th For More info Check out the website

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