Local restaurant Owners beware, according to WGRZWGTRZ News, the Erie County Health Department is doing surprise inspections to make sure restaurants are CDC compliant regarding re-opening with the proper directives relative to protecting the general public, in light of the pandemic that sull exists.

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Erie County Health Department Inspectors went to the 'Armor Inn' in Hamburg and cited them for a social distancing violation.  The county also went to 'The Stage' in Clarence.  They didn't get a violation but they weren't allowed to perform there on Tuesday.

Gale Burstein, Erie County's Health Commissioner said this, according to WGRZ.

"If there's any restaurant or bar that has an event with a band where there are a lot of people social distancing, not wearing masks, and we find out about it, we will send a sanitarian and an inspector with law enforcement, and we will entire out the house close the restaurant issue a close order."

According to WGRZ, Inspectors have given out 66 violations at restaurants and bars between March - June.  43 of them were corrected on the spot with those uncorrected to be followed up on later. Uncorrected violations are followed up on later. Erie County is also monitoring social media, looking for large parties and gatherings.


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