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I love shopping at Dollar Tree. I mean who doesn't love great finds for only $1? Ultimately, I probably come across too many great finds at Dollar Tree, which is why I have so much clutter now. I've been to quite a few Dollar Tree stores here in Western New York, but I wanted to see if I was missing any good ones. So I did a search and came across Yelp ratings for the Dollar Trees here. Some that I didn't think were that bad got low ratings. There were a couple I've never been to that got high ratings. For this list, I only included the stores that had 4-star and 5-star ratings on Yelp. I did sneak in on out in the Williamsville area that had a 3-star rating, only because I've been there personally and it's a nice, new, and clean store, so I figure it's worth mentioning. I've been to some really dingy and underwhelming stores, which is why I only wanted to include the higher-rated stores, so you wouldn't waste your time.

Now, I realize there are only seven stores listed, due to the fact that I limited inclusion by stars, so if you feel like I should add a store to the list, drop it below. There are some pretty decent Dollar Trees that I've been to that didn't make the list because other people gave them a lower rating than I would have.

4 and 5-Star Rated Dollar Tree Stores in Buffalo

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