The art of Deejaying in the city of Buffalo presents a numerous amount
of opportunities on multiple levels for people who own their DJ


With access to music files along with a little talent they
can find work as a DJ on a weekly bases; to include Radio Stations,
Night Clubs, Local Bars and Private Parties.  Being a DJ in this era,
you're either a person who DJ's because of the love of music and the art
form or for profit.

Most DJ's inspire to work on the Radio because it heightens their
profile, brands their name which can add value to their mix-tapes,
albums and parties. With the advancement in digital technology and the
descending cost to own it we now have more people interested in the
opportunities this presents. As recently as 3 to 4yrs ago the initial
investment for professional DJ Equipment was approximately $3000 to
$5,000. Today $1000 can buy you enough software and hardware to have you
rocking the party by 10pm tonight.

If we look at the most active DJ's in Buffalo, starting with a few
currently on the Radio we'll find these guys make up the old-school DJ
generation who grew up spinning on Technics 1200's or better yet,
carrying a crate of 12" records.  At the Night Club and Bar level we
would probably meet the CD DJ's, those who opt for the CD player to
replace the 1200's lightening the load and bypassing professional music
servicing agreements with record companies by selecting music from their
own CD music collections.  At the Private Event level we're liable to
find a mixture of them all.  Deciding factors in selecting a DJ is
usually based on how important your event is which will also determine
how much you're willing to spend.

Not long ago, DJ's who preferred spinning music pressed on wax would
occasionally look down on others who preferred other methods, however,
thanks to evolving technology it's a rarity to see any DJ walking around
with a create of 12" versus a Backpack containing a Laptop.  This era of
DJ's are prepared to perform at all times,  they show up to events not
intending to perform, however, if opportunity presents itself, they rise
to the occasion.

The game has change and the new generation of DJ's have entered the
fray. Some DJ's believe as more amateur DJ's move into the market place,
the beauty of the art form will slowly decrease what we know as the
"Staple of Hip-Hop".

A few questions I'll leave with you for debate and discussion:
1- Who is the DJ's most responsible for you having the time of your life
on a dance floor?
2- What do you think it takes to become a DJ who can perform on a Radio
Station level?
3- (For DJ's) What would be the one thing you would change in your
profession to make your job better/easier or more profitable?

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