Buffalo's pizza is arguably the best pizza in America.

We are known for being famed for its light dough, slightly sweet sauce and charred pepperoni. You know exactly what we're talking about: the pepperoni that is charred real good and turns the edges into a cup full of grease. There's a reason that, Buffalo was ranked as the Pizza Capital of America: classic, legendary places like Cabrone's, Imperial, Bocce Club, Picasso's, DiAugustino's, La Nova.

But, 2020 has brought a new pizza star to town called Macy's Pizzeria at 3348 Genesee Street in Cheektowaga. While they're not necessarily brand new, they've been changing the landscape of the Buffalo Pizza game. They have been wildly popular the past year and here is why. Owner Nick has changed the game with some of the most creative, unique pizzas in Buffalo, NY.

The Most Ultimate Pizzas in Buffalo

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