There's no secret that many drivers go way above the speed limit. Sometimes you see people darting down the far left lane, going at least 15 or over the posted speed limit.

The men and women of our law enforcement do a great job keeping the highways, interstate, and everything in-between, safe. One of the ways is to ticket drivers who speed down a given roadway.

You may have gotten a speeding ticket before and yes, it's not fun. The first time I ever got pulled over was driving too fast on the 290 before the 190 interchange and that was eight years ago. I haven't gotten a speeding ticket since, because I learned my lesson.

If you've driven in Western New York long enough, then you likely know about popular spots that people get pulled over for driving way too fast. Some of them you might pass by every day on your way to and from work. Perhaps you live in a certain area.

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They're called "speed traps" by many motorists because they're meant to catch people going too fast. Some spots are very popular and yes, my speeding ticket was one of those popular 'speed trap" spots.

Speed keeps track of motorists posting speed traps in areas around the country, and according to Buffalo, NY's page, these were among the most popular speed traps in Western New York. Yes, they're pretty much all highways, expressways, and the interstate.

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