Terrell Owens has 4 children by 4 different women. He was a millionaire superstar athlete making a lot of money every year so he figured hey let me go around and spread my DNA all around the country. Now his income is ZERO, with almost 40,000 dollars in child support here are 5 reasons for T.O. to wear protection. A bench warrant was issued for T.O.'s arrest after he missed a court date with one baby mama to whom he's trying to lower child support payments.

  1. Monique Reynolds
    T.O. and Monique have an 11-year-old son together. He used to pay $20,000/month in support until last year, when it was reduced to $11,202. He also gave her $100,000 to buy a house.
  2. Kimberly Floyd
    They share a 7-year-old daughter, for whom TO was ordered to pay $20,000/month for back in 2005. In 2008, they agreed to drop that to $15,000.
  3. Samelia Miller
    Miller gave birth to a son back in 2006. He was ordered to pay $13,400/month in support.
  4. Melanie Paige Smith
    T.O. was ordered to pay $5,000/month for their daughter back in 2007. This is the only case where T.O. has not yet requested a reduction though his rep says he plans to ask for a modification.
  5. Magic Johnson
    T.O. grew up in a post Magic Johnson era, meaning he should've learned from others mistakes. Magic Johnson celebrated 20 years of being alive after being diagnosed with HIV. Do professional athletes even consider this when they are spreading they're seed across the country ?