Always one to want the newest and best gadgets out, I recently upgraded my DJ Set with the Rane Sl4 and NOVATION DICER. Even though the SL4 was the larger purchase the Novation Dicer was the most important.

Have you ever wanted to quickly add Cue points to your tracks  but didn't want to sit there all day trying to perfectly aligned everything up ?  Well if your answer is yes than the Dicer is the answer. Not only does it come straight out of the box ready to use, but you can also program it to trigger your drops (no more trying to drag the mouse). I have only had this device for less than a week but I have set more cue points now than I have in the last year. For those of you who spin with Technics you will love the fact that the Dicer fits perfectly on the Technics, but for all us other non Technics users don't worry, the Dicer comes with everything you need to add it to your setup. Also a plus is that you only need 1 usb port to operate these. And before I forget, the Dicer comes pre-programmed to work perfectly with Serato.

I had to DJ a wedding reception this past Saturday and I have to say that my set was 10 times better using this product, and for the low price of about 100 bucks they will quickly pay for themselves. In closing I have to say that as far as I can seen my setup is now complete.