Tammy Rivera, a member of the Atlanta cast, recently put a member of the Hollywood spin-off on blast for allegedly throwing herself at her husband, Waka Flocka Flame, and she didn't hold back.

It all started when Hazel and her boyfriend Rose Burgandy threw some shade at Tammy by leaving some nasty comments under a photo of her while out and about during New York Fashion Week.

Burgandy called her "fat" before Hazel added that Tammy "keeps trying me so it's whatever." Never afraid to clap back at anyone on social media, Tammy took to the comments section to return the favor, dragging them both for their words and calling Hazel out for pushing up on her man.

She claimed that Hazel E sent Waka Flocka an inappropriate video he didn't ask for after he asked for her ex Katt Williams Number

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