Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Tammy Rivera has gone through some ups and downs in her marriage with Waka Flocka Flame. After publicly confirming that she and Waka were headed for divorce, the couple reconciled and agreed to work on their marriage.

In an interview with Bleu Bombshell, Rivera opened up about why she forgave Waka despite his infidelity in the marriage.

“Because my husband is a good man. He’s a great man, and I think in today’s society everything is so disposable," she said. "But then on the other side you have men who aren’t growing up with fathers, not making excuses for men to cheat, but you have men who never seen what a household is supposed to look like – my husband was never in a married household. He didn’t know."

Rivera believes Waka is a good man and she's willing to fight for their marriage and feels that any woman who doesn't stand strong in their marriage is weak.

"So, my mom always told me, 'you can find a man who can financially take care of you, you can find a man who might not be a cheater, might have it all together, might of grew up with a father in their household, but it’s hard to find real love and a person who genuinely loves you and who is willing to change.' My husband was willing to change for his family,” she said.

"So why would I give up on my husband," she continued. "I’m not that type, I think that’s weak of a woman to do that. It’s easier to walk away as opposed to than to speaking up! No we’re going to fight for this we got married. My family is worth fighting for."

Folks on Twitter seemed to be rolling their eyes over Rivera's remarks. Some people feel that once a cheater will always be a cheater. Others think that Rivera is the wrong person to talk to when it comes to securing a strong marriage.

"Waka is a cheater. Monogamy isn't for him. He however only wants one sided polyamory so he's sold Tammy a dream. It's never coming," wrote one commenter.

Peep some of the remarks below.

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