There is so much going on in our community, America, and the world right now that choosing one single topic to talk about was a challenge. Of course there is the ongoing Trayvon Martin case where now George Zimmerman is missing in action with no legal representation and he has even gone on record as saying that he is broke and has set up a pay-pal account for funds.

Over the weekend it was the racist shooting spree of African-Americans in North Tulsa Oklahoma where five people were shot and three of them died.

Whoopi Goldberg and Don Lemon had a few things to say about the use of the “N” word by reporters and both of them felt that the word should be said in its entirety instead of abbreviated when said by a reporter or some delivering a story that is news worthy.

The transgender affect of the Miss Universe pageant and how it is now being changed up to admit women who were born as men but went through a sex change and in my opinion this goes against the natural and divine order of creation!

Will Buffalo build a downtown stadium for the Bills?