Finding Dead Frogs in Our Pool-Here’s Some Tricks To Save Them
I am a new pool owner and I never realized how many things other pool owners never tell you. I mean they have all chimed in on chlorine, fences, and what pool floats they love but not about frogs that find their way into your pool. So far we have only had our pool open for a week and there have been…
Tricks To Tickle Your Tummy!
Wanna impress your Family & Friends with some fun and amazing Tricks anyone can do?
I ran across this cool video that shows you the ropes... ENJOY!!!!
(These may come in handy around the Holidays to entertain everyone!!!)
La Salle Skate Park is open!
Buffalo skateboard enthusiasts gathered at La Salle Park for the grand opening of Buffalo's first outdoor skate park, and WBLK was there to witness it! Watch the video and find out what the new park means to the community.