You can't miss the news. The Solar Eclipse is happening on April 8, if you haven't heard. The New York State Thruway Authority has put out a post on a few things they DO and DO NOT want you to do.

The eclipse will happen just after 3 PM on April 8 and Buffalo, New York is one of the most ideal places to watch the eclipse because it will be COMPLETE darkness in the City of Good Neighbors, which is on the line of totality. Some hotels in the Western New York area have been sold out while commanding top dollar for rooms. There are some that are not in the downtown area that have some very reasonable prices and rooms open for you. In fact, some of the hotels actually have a 2-night minimum. Officials in Western New York have noted that they expect up to one million people to be coming in from out of town.

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Here is what the New York State Thruway Authority wants you to DO AND NOT DO while the eclipse is happening if you are driving on the 90:


  • Use parking areas such as a Service Area, Text Stop, and Park and Ride lots for short-term parking only.
  • Find a safe viewing location off the Thruway system.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination well before the eclipse.
  • Arrive early and stay late.


  • Park on the shoulder of the highway or stop in the middle of traffic
  • Block traffic
  • Use handheld devices while driving
  • Grill or use open flame on Thruway property
  • Drive Recklessly

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