What's PMD Up To in 2014? [AUDIO]
PMD calls into the Jazzy T in the Afternoon show to talk about his upcoming show at Shea's as WBLK Celebrates 50 years of Greatness with an all star Old School Hip Hop Show!
tyrese makes fb uncomfortable
Tyrese is a talented and successful Singer & Movie Star and he ain't got time for your BS! After you watch his video message you might feel some type of way. So go ahead, watch it. I dare you!!
We all come from different backgrounds and have different influencing factors in our lives, but we all are here for one main goal: to succeed.  So let's get down to business; some people have a laziness in them that defers their drive to succeed.  Let's face it, the younger generation is more about …
Go Getta 1 On 1
As I sit in write playing in the back ground is Drake Successful...I just want to be....
Most people want to be successful in life but have no idea of what success is. The question is what is success? The dictionary would express success as "The achievement of something desired, planned, or …