snow storm

WNY Winter Storm Highlights
Western New York continues to be shut down due to the lake effect snow pelting the Buffalo area. The winter storm has dumped over five feet of snow in the area and more is on the way!
Man Survives 61 Days in Snowed-In Car
The world is filled with terrible news, so it’s nice for us to find a story with a happy ending once in awhile.  Not that type of happy ending. Pervert. Here is an amazing story about a Swedish man who was stranded in a snow drift for 61 days.
Fifty Cent Offers To Dig Out Snow Covered Walkways — For A Price
Curtis Jackson will shovel snow for cash, but it's going to cost more than "50 Cent."  Hip-hop star 50 Cent is offering to shovel walk ways besieged by the blizzard conditions that have hampered travel on the East Coast in recent days.  Taking to his Twitter account on Monday, the rapper, …