Parents...Be Aware of Marijuana Laced Halloween Candy!
Back in the day there was the RAZOR BLADE in Halloween Candy scare...well now there's a new trend of concerns ... MARIJUANA LACED HALLOWEEN CANDY!!!!
Is it a real concern or just a ploy to get people …
Buffalo Cannabis Movement Proposes Decriminalizing Marijuana
A young Buffalo man, Anthony Baney, has organized a movement called The Buffalo Cannabis Movement and is proposing the decriminalization of marijuana with specific requests.
According to News Reports, Baney and The Buffalo Cannabis Movement want to make it legal to grow up to six cannabis p…
Wiz Khalifa was arrested early sunday morning at an airport in Texas after marijuana was found in his bag during a TSA check.
Khalifa was flying from El Paso to Dallas for a music festival when according to law enforcements was taken into custody and handed over to local police when they discovered t…
OH NO! TRAYVON SMOKED WEED! what's your opinion regarding this EVIDENCE that's going to be presented by the defense team in the George Zimmerman murder trial? Watch these videos!
Pot Fed Pigs
According to MetroNetworks News:
Seattle Pig Farmer Feeds Animals Marijuana
(Seattle, WA)  --  A pig farmer in Washington state says the secret to better bacon may be marijuana.  Seattle's BB Ranch founder William von Scheneidau tells NBCNews...
"IT FINALLY HAPPENED" is the sentiment of many in Washington State, Colorado, and about half of America!  Marijuana has been legalized!  It's not widespread YET.... but it's not hard to imagine legalization not being NATIONWIDE within a year...
Do You Celebrate 4/20 ? [POLL]
From the looks of my face book page I'm the only one who isn't "celebrating" today. If you don't smoke "the green stuff," you probably don't even know what 4/20 is. The earliest use of the term began among a group of teenagers in San Rafael, …
Deadly Marijuana Ban! [VIDEO]
Urgent News from Your Life USATODAY... You may have seen...and even purchased "Spice", "K2", or "Mr Nice Guy" at a local Corner or Convenience Store, Smoke Shop, or Tobacco Store.... well, STOP!!!! Here's why:

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