Well this pretty much stands out in itself, selling adult favors is ILLEGAL. In today's society I think Prostitution is up higher because it seems like more people driven by it. It's at your finger tips literally and you never know who is working in that network.

They say you have to have someone who wants to make the same money as you for It to work right? This duo wasn't letting up until they're goals were met. A press release from Erie County District Attorney's Office states that 29-year-old Tempestt Fench pleaded guilty on one count of promoting prostitution. The other teammate 30-year-old Christopher Jones pleaded guilty to one count of Criminal Possession of a weapon in the third degree.

Also both are charged with managing a prostitution business out of Finches home on Andover Avenue in Buffalo, New York. How can we keep our city safe if we don't buckle down and step up as a community of one?

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