Canalside Fight Raises Questions About Teens and Respect
I'm trying hard to imagine myself growing up as a teenager and fighting with another individual in public, broad daylight and embarrassing myself.
However, rather than public fights being embarrassing these days, public fights among youth is the only acceptable means of handling conflict...
Killed By Police
A scuffle breaks out. Police arrive on the scene. A boy takes off running. Cop shoots the suspect twice in his back. Suspect dies from the gun shot wounds. Cop on paid leave. Yes it is a familiar story. This time it happened on Easter weekend in Illinois. Details inside. #JusticeForJustus
Police Shoot Suspect In Leg
WOW - just 2 weeks after we talked on-air about Police Shooting to Kill suspects armed with knifes, the Buffalo Police have figured out a way to detain a suspect armed with a loaded gun without killing him!
Who Put Guns & Drugs In The Hood?
Tupac will always be my favorite artist because he spoke with so much knowledge. In the video inside Pac speaks about the true motivation behind Thug Life and how he hopes to end Government corruption and expose evil plots to destroy Blacks in America.