Police Shot Him Dead in Walmart
Four days before Mike Brown was shot by Ferguson Police in Missouri for walking in the street, another black man was gunned down by Ohio Police inside a Wal-Mart for Shopping! New evidence proves that this man was shot on sight without warrant!!
Get In The Mix With ADRI.V
LeBron James has always been open about his upbringing . In a recet interview with GQ magazine, LeBron opens up about his father being M.I.A in his life -- and in a strange way he appreciates not having him in his life.
By His Dad?!
Singer Frank Ocean is beginning to understand what Notorious B.I.G. meant by 'Mo Money, Mo Problems.' In a Twitter post that has since been deleted, the Grammy-nominated crooner revealed that his estranged father wants to sue him for $1 million.
How To Train Your Dragon Live [Video]
The largest family production ever is coming to Buffalo, NY! 23 fire-breathing flying dragons and one beautiful story about family, love and understanding  unfolds in the How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular! Check out the video teaser and hear from Hiccup's dad Stoik in the exclusive…