The Most Popular Baby Names in New York
How original are you and your friends when it comes to naming your kids?
The Social Security Administration released the most popular baby names of 2015. These are the names that were actually chosen by parents.
The most popular baby names across the United States for boys in 2015 were

Erie County Deputy Breaks Window to Rescue Baby
An Erie County Sheriff deputy responding to a call about an infant that was accidentally locked in a running vehicle in Grand Island on Tuesday broke a window after observing the child's face turning read and sweating.
The deputy apparently smashed the passenger front window...
Buffalo What's The Best Day To Make A Baby?
I know this sounds funny as it looks, but we're always having off the wall conversations. This topic keeps coming up so I thought it would be good to ask you guy's. I asked one of my neighbors what day was the best day, they replied "We made all four of our children on a Wednesday…
Buffalo Blizzard Babies?
I have a theory about the people in Buffalo. Before Netflix & Chill there was VHS & Chill. I believe that there are a lot more Virgos, Libras and Scorpios here than any other signs because their parents were making good use of the winter months!
Are you a blizzard baby, born in the fa…
Top 10 Baby Names Of 2015 [LIST]
What are cool and unique baby names? Nameberry just released the biggest and hottest baby names for 2015. This years top names were based on literary characters. Creator of Nameberry, Pamela Satran explained,
Esme and Kai are both names we've seen quietly gathering steam over the past few years.…

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