Man Sought in 'Billy Case'
The small video clip in the WGRZ New Report is not only disturbing to me ... it really got my Blood Boiling! What is wrong with some people? This is completely unacceptable, unbelievable and grossly unfortunate.
A perpetrator has been named in the "Billy Case"...
Man Attacks Police w/ Hatchet
More and more weird and random incidents, "Threatening
to the Public"  are taking place...and now a man with a HATCHET has attacked a group of Police Officers in New York City!
Did Fan Provoke Attack?
In case you missed the college basketball highlights this past weekend, Oklahoma State University played Texas Tech University on Saturday night. Sophomore OK State guard Marcus Smart (#33) ran down Texas Tech's Jaye Crockett to block his dunk attempt with 6.2 seconds left to go.