911 Call From "Clueless" Actress Stacy Dash Released
I use to really have a crush on Stacy Dash when she was on the the hit movie "Clueless", but after hearing her political views a few years ago all that changed. Judge free zone however my "momma" always said don't play call the police because you could be the…
Buffalo Native Husband & Wife Die in 9/11 Related Tragedies
There are so many stories relative to the 9-11 tragedy as we remember its victims on the anniversary of this event. One of the stories that stands out has direct ties to Buffalo, NY. The story of Buffalo, NY, native, Beverly Eckert.
Beverly Eckert became an advocate for investigating 9/11 appeal…
911 Was Down Across Erie County ... It Has Been Restored!
The 911 System was down across Erie County all morning but is now back up.
Please keep the Alternate Emergency Numbers handy in case a situation like this ever occurs again..

"A" District, South Buffalo: 851-4415
"B" District, Downtown: 851-4403
Was 911 A Conspiracy?
As we remember those who lost their Lives on 911, here are some very graphic video accounts of what transpired that day...including video claiming to support 911 as being a CONSPIRACY!
You're a Health Care Professional at Nursing Home and a resident is having a Heart Attack right in front of you...the Facility your work for has a Policy stating that you cannot help the resident by administering CPR....but the resident is CLEARLY GOING TO DIE...
Mufasa Checks In On The TJMS
Dionne Randolph has been bringing the crutial character Mufasa to life for 8 years in the stage version of "The Lion King." He called in this morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and gave some insight on his career!
Family Gets Lost In Corn Maze, Calls 911
After entering a corn maze in Danvers, Mass. a family became lost and unable to find their way out. With two small children in tow the father decided to call 911 and ask for assistance.

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