2017 Review Of Bills Tailgating !!!!
Its only rite we take this time out before the year ends to celebrate all you crazy Bills fans and all your tailgating disasters. This is a review of Bills tailgating in 2017 enjoy !!!!
ADRI.V at The BET Hip Hop Awards
The BET Hip Hop Awards this year was one to remember, why because I was there!
I had the chance to cover the green carpet at the BET Hip-Hop Awards where I got to interview so many celebrities and get their opinion on who they are looking forward to seeing at the show, what they are working on and wh…
Here's a pretty challenging WBLK Brainteaser today!  Good Luck getting this one! :)
WBLK Brainteaser:  July 13 , 2017
Adam recently had a brand new stereo system installed in his truck.  Why does he continue to listen to music on headphones...
WBLK Brainteaser: July 11, 2017
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Submit your answer to today'…
WBLK Brainteaser: June 8, 2017
Mrs. Carlson has a collection of books she loves. She has owned them for a very long time but has never read any of them even though she is an avid reader. What is going on?
Yesterday's Brainteaser & Answer (June 7):
Brent completely empties out his locke…
Tweetin' w/ Trump January 4, 2017
Another day of Trump Tweets!  I have to admit that it feels strange posting tweets from THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.!  I feel like I'm in a movie or something regarding actually having a President who Governs using Twitter... that is somewhat of a truthful reality as President Elect…