New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law on Tuesday that now bans symbols of hate from being displayed at NYS facilities, and from being sold by NYS.

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According to reporting by WKBW, NYS Senate Bill S8298B immediately changes the state Public Buildings Law, and the Agriculture and Markets Law.

Prohibits the state of New York from selling or displaying symbols of hate or any similar image, or tangible personal property, inscribed with such an image unless the image appears in a book, digital medium, museum or serves an educational or historical purpose; defines term "symbol of hate" to be symbols of white supremacist and neo-Nazi ideology or the Battle Flag of the Confederacy.
-Active Summary of NYS Senate Bill S8298B

Historical symbols like the Confederate Flag, along with other neo-Nazi symbology, have a long and storied history of being used against people in our country. This bill, which was originally sponsored by Bronx (NY34) Senator Alessandra Biaggi, is a big step toward helping New York move closer to being a more equal and fair society for everyone.

By limiting hateful symbols from being glorified on State property, New York will denounce images that represent violence while still acknowledging our nation’s shameful history of oppression. This bill allows New York State to lead by example, and discourage the perpetuation of symbols that do not represent our values of justice and inclusion. Today we say no to hate.
-Senator Biaggi

I think you will begin to see the biggest impact of this new law when (State, and County) fair season comes around next year. I cannot begin to count how many items I've seen for sale that meet this criterion. I, for one, am happy that I won't have to look at these items next time I stop by the NYS Fair.

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