Suge Knight has struck a plea deal in his murder case and will serve 28 years in prison.

He pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter in the death of Terry Carter. Suge was facing the possibility of life in prison, and had he taken the case to trial, it would have began Monday with jury selection.

Suge allegedly ran over Carter back in January 2015 as he fled a restaurant parking lot in Compton. Video showed Suge throw his truck in reverse to knock over one man, then he drove forward over Carter, killing him.

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Suge, who’s currently 53, will get credit for time served as he’s been in jail awaiting trial for a little more than three years. He’ll also be on parole for three years after serving his prison sentence.

He cracked a joke in court while his sentence was handed out. Part of the judge’s instructions to Suge included a phrase about the possibility of deportation following conviction, to which Suge said, “So, ICE can come and get me.” There was laughter heard in the courtroom.

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Suge had claimed he was not trying to run over either of the men he hit, saying he was trying to escape because he thought both men were about to shoot him. He was arrested shortly after the incident and has been in jail ever since, awaiting trial.