These days kids think they are grown way too quick. So when this 12 yr old boy failed gym class and came home smelling like weed, his step-mom took to HIS social media to embarrass him in the worst way! Check this out.

Step son decided to walk in my house at 12yrs old smelling like a pound of weed not only is he smoking but he will also be repeating the 7th grad next school term I don't know what other people teach their children but in my house at 12 I don't play those games every pair of Jordan's that he has are for sell that bed I just bought he won't be sleeping on that and this summer not only we'll he be going to summer school but he will also be spending it at the worst place ever .... My Mom house

Posted by Aaliyah Hines on Saturday, May 23, 2015

Not only did she give him Grandpops hair-cut and ground him for the entire summer, she posted this embarrassing video on his Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat!

Is this extreme punishment or nah?

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