This training camp in Rochester is giving fans some unforgettable moments and giving the Buffalo Bills a new way to connect with their fans every day.

By now, you've seen The Buffalo Bills doing all kinds of things for fans at St. John Fisher University in Rochester, NY where they're holding camp. You've probably seen Jordan Poyer holding someone's baby.  Stefon Diggs was holding someone's baby.  Josh Allen was signing babies and even giving his practice cleats away to fans who had nothing for him to sign.

Today, Diggs had another special moment with a young fan.

On March 3rd, Aydin Laborde's dad passed away leaving him, his brother, and his mom on their own.  They were in the stands to cheer on their team today and Aydin got a once of a lifetime opportunity to talk 1 on 1 with one of his favorite receivers.

As Diggs was walking out of practice he heard the story about Aydin.  While he could have easily just walked to the locker room and gone on with his life, he instead took the time to walk to the other side of the barrier and chat for awhile with the young boy.  Diggs took the little boy who was being held over the railing of the bleachers and talked with him for awhile.


Unfortunately, we can't hear much of what was said in the conversation because so many people were yelling to get his attention hoping to get a high five or a signature from the star receiver.  But I'm sure Aydin heard him...and he will remember that moment forever.

This is one of the many reasons why we want so much for this team.  They all seem to be players who are playing just for us.  They want to get a championship...for us.  So we show up for them.

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