AYO Stop The Madness!

According to Time Connecticut man charged with fatally stabbing his pregnant wife because he thought she was a voodoo priestess who planned to kill him was offered a plea deal by prosecutors.

Patrick Antoine 41 of age of Norwich, was offered the deal Tuesday during an appearance in New London Superior Court.

Antoine faces up to 85 years in prison if convicted at trial of murder and arson, and another 25 years for assault leading to the termination of a pregnancy, the judge pointed out.

Antoine “would like to consider it,” his public defender, Kevin Barrs, told the judge. He has until March 28.


He is a legal but he is originally from Haiti He went to police HIMSELF in June 2016 and said he stabbed his wife, 37-year-old Margarette Mady, who was eight months pregnant with a child he believed was not his.

This man was on a rampage He’s also charged with setting fire to their apartment.

Antoine told investigators Mady was a voodoo priestess who had cast harmful spells on him in the past and had to told him "that he would be dead by July as a sacrifice prior to the child being born,” police said.


Honestly if he believed that then he believed that its apart of his culture the voodoo!

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