Here in Western New York, we have seen many restaurants and bars come and go over the years. Buffalo is a nostalgic region by heart. We always remember the amazing restaurants and taverns who closed.

I remember the Royal Pheasant in the City of Buffalo, near Buffalo State College. They had famous food and locals would walk there from Elmwood Avenue.

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The Owl Lounge on Harlem Road in Cheektowaga was another popular bar that Cheektowaga residents loved.

We have sadly seen quite a few amazing restaurants and bars close their doors since 2020, and we will soon have another great place in the northtowns that will close its doors next weekend.

According to their Facebook page, Squire's Tavern in Tonawanda is closing its doors for good.

The last day of business will be Saturday, June 4th. Just over one week away.

The owners say that they have agreed to sell their building, which is on Niagara Street. They will be closed on Memorial Day (this upcoming Monday), but they want their customers to come in for food and drinks before they're closed for good.

Hopefully, the building can stay a restaurant and tap room in some form or fashion.

Squire's is not that far from Niawanda Park and the Niagara River. That region of Tonawanda is gorgeous and it's sad to see Squire's close.

This comes after news that The Forestview on Transit Road in Depew would eventually be closing and turned into living and office spaces.

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