New York State will automatically fine drivers caught speeding in these work zones this week. Be aware so that you don't end up with an automatic fine for speeding through a work zone. Automatic cameras will capture speeding driver's license plates and the state will send out Notices of Liability.

Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash
Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

There are new work zones where drivers will be automatically fined for speeding between today and Saturday, June 1, 2024. New York Vehicle & Traffic Law § 1180-E allows for automated speed monitoring in certain construction zones around the state. The program, which is a joint effort by the State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) and the Thruway Authority (NYSTA), will last for five years.

The NYSDOT and the NYSTA may impose a fine on the registered owner of a vehicle speeding in a work zone on a controlled access highway.

Because the speed detection is automated, the owner of the vehicle (the person who holds the registration) will receive the fine. So, if your family member or friend is driving your car, you will be the one held responsible.

1. New York Route 17

Chautauqua County - NY 17 and Interstate 86 Bridge over Chautauqua Lake

2. Interstate 87

- Essex County - I-87 NB/SB over West Mill Brook; South of Exit 30
- Warren County - I-87 SB between Exit 23 and Exit 22
- Warren County - I-87 NB between Exit 22 and Exit 23/Bridge over Rte 9

3. New York Route 33

- Erie County - NY Route 33 at E. Utica Street, C. Buffalo

4. Interstate 81

- Onondaga County - I-81 Near South Bay Bridge

Department Of Transportation Warns Of Aging U.S. Infrastructure System
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5. Interstate 390

- Monroe County - 390 NB between EXITS 16 & 15
- Monroe County - 390 SB between EXITS 16 & 15

6. New York Route 400

- Erie County - NY Route 400 Expy from Union Road to Seneca Street, T. West Seneca

7. Parkway 908C

- Nassau County - Loop Parkway/Long Creek

8. Parkway 908M

- Suffolk County - EB SSP, Ext 36S Straight Path & Little East Neck Rd Vicinity

9. Interstate 495

- Suffolk County - WB LIE, Nicolls Rd & 1/4 mile WO Nicolls Rd Vicinity

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10. Interstate 481

- Onondaga County - Between I-81 (Exit 9N-S) and Northern Blvd (exit 8)
- Onondaga County - just south of I-690 EB ramp to I-481 SB

11. Interstate 81

- Onondaga County - I-81 Near South Bay Bridge

12. Interstate 84

- Orange County - W/B Between Exit 39 and Exit 32

13. New York Route 27

- Suffolk County - WB RT27, WO Fifth Ave & Manor Ln Vicinity

Department Of Transportation Warns Of Aging U.S. Infrastructure System
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14. Parkway 907W

- Westchester County - S/B Between Exit 14 and Exit 13

15. Interstate 290

Erie County - Interstate 290 between NY 324 and NY 5, T. Amherst

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