Has a loved one died suddenly leaving you with unanswered questions? Do you hope and pray you could speak with someone in the afterlife just once? Maureen Hancock does live reading with WBLK listeners and you could be next! Details inside.

Maureen Hancock

World renowned Spirit Medium Maureen Hancock delivers "Post Cards from Heaven" live on air with Jazzy T in the afternoon.

Listen to how Maureen discovered her gift and how she connects with the Spirit World in this exclusive interview.

She then offered to do a couple of free readings live on the air.

Will wanted to hear from his mother. Listen to which Spirits came through to speak with him via the Maureen the medium.

Angela also received a free reading with Maureen. Check it out here

Don't miss Maureen Hancock live at UB Center for the Arts Saturday October 25th 7:30 pm as she will feel the presence of a loved one and give you the message he/she has for you right there on the spot! Check out this video

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